6 questions to ask your flooring contractor

6 questions to ask your flooring contractor

As with any significant upgrade to your home, you should hire a contractor to install quality flooring. Your choice of material and color is important because it can impact the look and value for years after installation! Before choosing which company best suits you, here are six questions that every potential installer should answer:

Are you certified & insured?

When you?re looking for a professional and reliable flooring contractor, be sure they are certified in installing your chosen product and insured. Accidents can happen without warning, so it?s essential to ensure the safety of everyone involved with this process by having them carry liability coverage beyond just themselves while working on-site!

While such events are rare, you will be happy that your installer is certified and insured.

Do you have references?

When working with a flooring contractor, always ask for references. These references will help you better understand who you?re working with and what others have experienced. Social media sites like Facebook or Google Reviews can also give you a good idea of what people say.

What do you charge for installation estimates?

As with all large home projects, you must first get an estimate to determine if it?s within your budget. Different flooring costs are based on the material used and how much is needed. At Carpet Creations, we are more than happy to provide free estimates based on estimated measurements and materials.

What warranty does my flooring have & what warranties do you offer?

Every flooring option at Carpet Creations has manufacturer warranties that protect against damage for the first few years of purchase. These warranties can differ from brand to brand, so it?s important to understand what is covered.

At Carpet Creations, we offer in-store warranties on installations and products and manufacture warranties.

What is your estimated installation timeline?

When starting a new flooring project, always get an estimated installation timeline from your contractor. Getting this timeline will assure you that the installer will complete the project in a reasonable amount of time, and you will be able to make necessary plans on your end.