choose carpet creations to remodel your home or business

choose carpet creations to remodel your home or business

At Carpet Creations, we understand the importance of making your space look its best and pride ourselves on our customer service. With years of experience under one belt (and an excellent selection of products to choose from), there?s no wonder why people come back time after time when they need their interior design needs met.

Here?s why you should choose Carpet Creations for your next home, or business remodel:

We have professional installers

When you choose us to install your flooring solutions, you can feel good knowing you?re getting professional, certified installers. Our installers have experience installing flooring in residential homes and?commercial buildings.

After the job is done, we will always clean up after ourselves, so besides your beautiful new flooring, you?d never know we were here!

We have a wide selection of flooring options

We know that you want only the best flooring for your home or business. That?s why we offer a wide selection of flooring materials, colors, and patterns for every budget. From?carpet?to?hardwood?and?laminate, our flooring solutions are timeless and come in?environmentally safe options. When you come in for a consultation, we will ask you about your preferences, including durability and ease of cleaning. Then, we will recommend products based on your answers.

We have professional, in-house painting services

Not only do we install high-quality flooring, but we also offer?painting services! Our in-house professionals have over 30 years of experience painting homes and businesses and fixing the slightest imperfections. We will also paint with custom stains so you can get the exact shade you want!

We have in-house interior design experts

CliqStudios?is our in-house interior design studio that will help you design the kitchen or bath of your dreams. From cabinets to countertops to fixtures and cabinets, we can help you make your dream a reality. When we come into your home for a consultation, we will take photos and then use proprietary software to design your updated space. Once approved, we will get to work!

We know every project is unique, and we?re here to help you make it your own. Our talented team will work with whatever materials or colors are most important for you!