solid versus engineered wood: which is best for me?

solid versus engineered wood: which is best for me?

Who doesn?t love the warm look of hardwood? This timeless option compliments the d?cor of any room and whether you?re building new or looking to redo your flooring, you will be asking yourself the question:

?Should I pick solid wood or engineered wood? Is there a difference??

The short answer, yes! While designed to look the same, solid wood and engineered wood have different properties and care requirements. Here?s what you need to know:

Solid wood is versatile in looks

Solid hardwood?is made from a variety of woods like oak, maple, cherry, and even bamboo. The great thing about solid wood is that it can be sanded down and re-stained should it need it. This ability is attractive to homeowners who want a whole new look without having to replace their flooring.

This flooring option is also one that will increase in value and beauty over time and many real estate agents report that houses with wood flooring sell faster and at a higher value. Solid hardwood is also a renewable resource so should the floor need replacement, the material can find new life in upcycling.

Engineered wood is easy to care for

If you want the look of solid wood but don?t want to have to worry about its care needs, then?engineered wood?is the way to go. This option is made with multi-layers of wood with each layer laid in a different direction. This design helps prevent issues like warping in high-humidity areas.
Engineered wood is also easy to care for. Simply sweep it with a microfiber cloth daily and clean it with a damp mop.

And because it is topped with real solid hardwood, engineered wood has the same feel and look!

Carpet creations has all your flooring needs

Whether you?re looking at solid or engineered wood for your home, the experts at Carpet Creations are ready to help you find the right solution for you. Both solid and engineered wood floors are an excellent option for keeping allergies at bay and come in a wide variety of stains, styles, and designs like herringbone.