the pros and cons of stone flooring

the pros and cons of stone flooring

Floors have a significant impact on our daily lives. From hosting parties to playing with pets or kids, you need flooring that will be comfortable and meet your lifestyle needs. What colors and patterns do you like? Do you want something easy to care for? What about a natural material like stone?

Stone flooring adds timeless, natural beauty to your home and comes in different types like granite, limestone, sandstone, and marble. But is it the right choice for you? Here are the pros and cons of stone flooring to help you decide:

Pro: stone is environmentally safe

Stone is a great flooring solution if you?re looking for an eco-friendly option. It doesn?t require chemicals, stains, or glazes to manufacture, and it?s minimally processed. So when you have it in your home, you don?t have to worry about binders or solvents that can emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Con: stone can be costly

One of the biggest caveats to natural stone flooring is that it can be costly for those homeowners on a budget. You will need professional installation for stone flooring, as it?s heavy. At Carpet Creations, we will work with you to find a material that works for your budget, and we will always install your flooring for you.

Pro: stone is long-lasting

If you have an area of your home with a lot of foot traffic, like an entryway, stone is an excellent option as it can tolerate the traffic. When cleaning, all stone needs is a sweeping with a soft cloth and the occasional wipe down with stone-friendly cleaning solutions that are pH neutral and environmentally friendly. In doing so, you?ll prevent damage and product buildup. Not sure where to find the right product??We sell a wide range of accessories?needed to properly care for your flooring to ensure its beauty and long life.

Con: stone is prone to water damage

Before installing stone, remember that it can be prone to water damage due to varying porosity. As such, a water-based sealing agent may have to be applied to prevent damage in areas like the bathroom.

Pro: stone works both indoors and outdoors

If you want a way to transition your indoor space to your outdoor space seamlessly, stone flooring is a great option! Stone can be installed inside and outside of your home to give the illusion of more space.