If you want the beauty of hardwood floors but an option that is easy to care for and maintain, engineered wood may be for you! 

Engineered Hardwood Is Durable

Engineered wood is made with multi-layers of wood with each layer laid in a different direction. This helps prevent warping and bowing the way a hardwood floor might in moist areas. Engineered hardwood looks and feels just like a traditional wooden floor because the top layer is real solid hardwood

This flooring option can be installed in different patterns and stains to suit your tastes.

Engineered Hardwood Is Easy To Care For

Because of it’s construction and durability, engineered wood is easy to care for. Simply sweep daily with a microfiber mop and use a damp mop when needed.

Engineered Hardwood Gallery

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Hallmark Floors


Ever since our inception in 1998, Hallmark Floors continues to be driven by our love for wood and our passion for developing, producing and offering the most beautiful, smart and innovative flooring.

Realwood Floors


We design and make floors to meet every purpose, design, and budget and help people find the perfect floor for their homes.

Bella Cera


Bella Cera brings a passion for old-world craftsmanship to hardwood flooring. Bella Cera offers flooring in a broad range of woods and finishes to allow you unbridled creativity in your choices – whether you seek a warm, refined, traditional style, or a cool, urban attitude.



With beautiful, natural colors and European styling, flooring from Palladio is an eco-friendly brand with a 300 year history of sustainable forest management.

EuroVilla Floors


Euro Villa Oak features the latest trends in flooring with four reactive stains offered in the line.



Appalachian Hardwood, lovingly handcrafted into the finest American-made hardwood floors – The Essence of HomerWood®. Recalling the age of quality and craftsmanship, we hand select each plank from sustainable, center-cut lumber to reveal the character and unsurpassed beauty created by nature.

LM Flooring


Founded in 2001, LM Flooring is dedicated to the design and production of the highest quality engineered wood flooring. A subsidiary of AHF Products LLC., LM Flooring pays the same attention to quality design and production as its parent company, one of the largest manufacturers of luxury furniture.

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